Evangelism: “I’m gay and I go to church”

Does the topic of evangelism make you feel uneasy? Do cultural hot buttons make you cringe? We’ll be following Ray Comfort’s Living Waters University series, which highlight evangelism in challenging situations. I think you’ll be helped and encourage by the series. You’ll find a new post here every Friday. Stop by for a few minutes and grow your understanding, interest, and compassion for evangelizing those who do not believe in Jesus.


My name is Dave Sherrill. I am an Evangelical Christian. I seek to serve the Lord with three goals in mind: * to clearly proclaim the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the only true and real hope for a world full of people lost in sin and alienated from God; calling them to repent and believe in Jesus for forgiveness and eternal life. * to challenge unbelief in all forms using God’s Word, the Bible; taking every thought captive to obey Christ. * to encourage Christians to embrace a biblical worldview in all its richness; the Christian life encompassing the full breadth of our individual lives, which are to be lived for the glory of God in Christ.

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