1 John – Reclaiming Assurance: Sermon 5 – Abendroth

Pastor Patrick Abendroth continues the series through 1 John. This relatively short letter is a wonderful booster shot for believers.  If that sounds funny… if it’s an approach to Bible preaching that seems odd, then I encourage you all the more to listen in. I John, written by the apostle John later in the first century, is designed to encourage our joyful fellowship with God in light of Christ’s work on our behalf. Take courage, brother and sister!

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I John: Reclaiming Assurance, Sermon 3 – Abendroth

Pastor Abendroth will be tackling some Bible vocabulary that isn’t heard regularly inside of churches, and I venture to guess that it is never heard outside of them. Specifically, the word “propitiation” is in view. While it might be a mouthful, the idea it communicates is absolutely a fountain of blessing for those who believe.

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1 John: Reclaiming Assurance, Sermon 1 – Abendroth

Assurance is a rare and precious commodity in today’s world. Even though no one is sure about much of anything today, assurance is real. Christian assurance is rooted in facts, in objective reality, in the real life and death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We will spend the next 15 weeks here with Omaha Bible Church, and Pastor Patrick Abendroth. Follow along with them in 1 John, which is a small book in the Bible that is packed with dynamite.

This series of sermons is a superb example of bible training. You will see how to read the Bible, how to understand the deep truths it proclaims. This is the stuff of life, of courageous Christian living in the face of a world rebelling against God in every way imaginable.

It is my prayer that you will be encouraged in your Savior Jesus Christ. If you live near Omaha and are looking for a church home, attend a faithful “bible training” church like Omaha Bible Church.

Grab your bible and open it up to 1 John. Then please click here for the first sermon in the series.



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